German Factory

General information about purchasing, contracting and shipping to the destination country. All the different devices for the production line mentioned in the contract are called by Nano France Factory Company. And _1 Sales, Shipping, and Payment Methods are implemented in accordance with EU law, and the supplementary clauses of Nanofrance Factory. All transaction contracts, including the purchase of factory details or production line, and the terms of transportation and services of Nano France Factory Company, will be notified in writing to the buyer company. Any changes to the standard production line must be notified in writing by the purchasing company. With any change in the production line in the initial price mentioned, there will be a change. And must be approved by Nanofrance Factory Company that has legal value. Otherwise, the first contract is legally acceptable. Product details in terms of weight, size, quality of goods are produced according to EU standards and have EU soft. Information about the product will be provided to the buyer company. Factories related to the factory, including relevant drawings and technical information on the production method of the factory will not be provided to the buyer company in any way. Factory price, packaging, shipping, installation The factory or production line price is set net and the shipping and packaging price is separate. Which is specifically mentioned in detail in the contract. The start-up price of the factory is also separate and its details will be mentioned in the contract.

Price changes


 If the time interval between concluding the contract and transporting the factory occurs due to late payment at the specified times, and during this period the price of factory details or the price of working hours in Germany increases, Nano Fars Factory Company can use its legal rights to request a price difference. From the buyer company. Also, damages such as bank interest, warehouse rent, transportation and factory maintenance are received from the buyer company.

 Payment Terms

Fifty percent of the total price must be paid to the account of Nano France Factory in Germany within a maximum of four weeks from the date of concluding the contract. Forty percent after accepting and accepting the product by the company purchasing the factory to be paid to the account of Nano France Factory in Germany. The remaining ten percent must be paid into the company's account after the factory is completed and at the time of shipment.


Factory installation


The start-up time of the factory depends on the type and size of the factory. It usually takes at least two weeks.


 Factory installation price


 The three technicians are priced at € 1,500 each, plus round-trip tickets, hotel and food.