German Factory

Our engineering company was established in 1996 by Mr. Hansi Schaller, a mechanical engineer, and Mr. Gholam-Ali Afshar, an electro-technical engineer, and Mr. Jürgen Farnbach, a mechanical engineer. Various factories and production lines were established. We have full cooperation with most car and factory companies. In many of the factories produced in Germany, our company has a significant role in its design and planning.

Our engineering office is in Industry city Stuttgart in Germany

Our engineering office can supply you with every kind of factory and production line. just as we calculated, design, assembly, commissioning, until production. All our services are done by German engineers, technicians, and technical staff. All our control hardware and software, and factory parts such as motors, pumps, camera systems are from German manufacturers. With highest accuracy and quality. our company gives you 100% guarantee with the latest German technology.



Dip.Ing Gholamali Afshar  

LOGIMAT Our company's presence in the international exhibition  In AMB IRAN ,Cooperation with the Stuttgart trade fair Stuttgart with an example of different activities of our company in different factories to automate the production line in various fields.

Participation of our company in Messe Stuttgart.

Presentation of our company to participants and visitors.

Our team in IRAN

Our team in IRAN