German Factory

Our company designs, calculates, plans, programs, installs, and sets up any type of factory, complete production line, or individual devices for you. Every type of factory or production line that is offered to you by our company is the latest technique of the German industry and has the ISO 9001 certification, and has the soft quality of the European Union.  You write your request to us, we will prepare the factory for you.

Fully automatic or semi-automatic car wash 


Semi-automatic  Tire washing


Semi-automatic washing of bodywork

 Small and large production machines for making car bodies with carbon fiber 

Single prefabricated wall insulation devices that can be used with any kind of raw materials for insulation It has heat, cold, sound, and burning

CNC vertical or horizontal machine types

Press machines for making kitchen cabinets

Metal forming machine to build the body.

 Refrigerator, washing machine, etc.


Bolt production machine 

Sheet presses and perforators for the production of machine filters 

laser welding machines at any power


Types of laser cutting and engraving machines on various artifacts for Wood

Laser for drawing pictures on plastic 

Laser for drawing pictures on metal

Laser for drawing pictures on wood

Single device for measuring car engine,

Single device for measuring car, brake

Single device for measuring truck brake

Single device for measuring harmful gas

3D scanners that scan 360 degrees and show every millimeter.

Container scanning machine

 Mobile scanning devices to visit the entire truck or just the container

Single devices or complete production line, production of high roller hoses with high pressure tolerance for use in factory, heavy machinery, villa, loader, bulldozer, excavator and ...... or any other use of pressure from 2 to 1000 bar Or higher

Any type of generator diesel, gasoline, gas combustion, to produce electricity in small quantities from kilo watts to megawatts for small town or large town electricity supply. The performance up to the top is not limited.

Gain electricity and heat.

Other generator art

Preparation of gas generators for the laboratory, for example, oxygen, hydrogen or helium, freon, nitrogen or any other gas.

Complete cable line, high voltage, low voltage, signal cable, or glass phase cable for high speed and high frequency signal transmission.

Single press for making pots, pans, or other household appliances in the kitchen  In every kind of metal, stem, aluminum, every shape and color.

Machining center for the production of every kind of metal product in industry.

Special machines for the production of building materials

FORGING HAMMER for every metal processing. With diffrent Power : from 1 KN to 40,000 KN or above no limit.

Horizontal forging machines are proven forming units which are used for both preforming and finish-forging. The hydraulic horizontal forging machine eliminates the disadvantages of the rigid coupling between clamping and upsetting drive of the conventional mechanical design.


Metal Processing 


Any kind of industry Furnace to dyed area or dryer 

Furnaces for shaping carbon fiber

Production line of china dishes, plates, bowls, cups, dishes, fruit confectionery dishes in different sizes and shapes.

Any machine for use in tunnel construction, stone processing, mountain processing.