German Factory

We offer you every recyling factory for Proccess to reusable poly material

Re-manufacture all of the components that are used in tires.

Complete line for recycling rubber raw materials from old tires This recycling line completely separates all the raw materials used in rubber, turns the rubber into granules and is used in rubber factories. Also, the metal wires used in rubber are separated and can be used in the iron smelter. The textiles used in rubber after separation can be used as raw materials for making textiles in textile weaving, sack weaving or reuse in the rubber industry.

Complete recycling production line, old tires This production line: rubber + metal + textile fibers are separated. This new technique offers you 100% recycling.

Complete line for recycling plastic raw materials from PET bottles and any kind of plastic products used to produce PET bottles and any other plastic products

Process steps from PVC used products to the production of granules.