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  ISO 13485 Medizinprodukte – Qualitätsmanagementsysteme – Anforderungen für regulatorische Zwecke 

  ISO 13485 Medizinprodukte – Qualitätsmanagementsysteme – Anforderungen für regulatorische Zwecke.


 Our company calculates, designs and programs every production line for the manufacture of medical products.

This product line allows you to make any type of regular or filtered mask from three to six layers


Approved by the International Medical Association Complete production line of respiratory masks for patients or doctors or for normal daily use.

Use for respiratory patients

Normal daily use

Production of any medical and laboratory equipment and any type o f health products 


Complete production line of blood collection syringes or  

Complete product line for disposable or permanent eye lenses 





 Filling machines for ampoules, disposable syringes, powder or liquid


A variety of needles in any size, height and thickness Complete production line for vacuum blood collection tubes with all relevant components

Suture needle

Suture needle

Special needle for syringe set

The complete production line of disposable syringes for diabetic patients is 8640 units per hour.

Rapid diagnostic devices for patients with diabetes, kidney, AIDS, and Other patients

Blood analysis product line for rapid diagnosis of various diseases diagnosed by a doctor 

The pen production line for diabetics is 295 million units per year with 7000 working hours. Of course, higher product lines are also available

Blood filter production line for kidney patients (dialysis) with any working efficiency


Complete filter production line for dialysis used by the patient at home. 

Complete line of breathing powder production for patients with names.

This breathing powder is the latest technique in the German medical industry 

Disposable plastic lens production line that is used from morning to night Production quantity in 24 hours 140,000 Is a number. There is no limit to the production line with higher production efficiency.

Line production for every component in the medical field

 Blood storage bags with all relevant derivatives

Complete production line of serum plastic bag or transfer of any liquid to the vessel with plastic control systems with all relevant components, hose, needle, etc.


Complete production line of plastic bags for storing blood with hoses, needles and other related components

"Canvil" ampoule blood collection line 

 Urine bag production line in different sizes of production efficiency per 2000 pieces or more 

Very simply plugged in for the whole day 

Urine bags for the way

Line production for every component in the medical field

Our company also supplies you with any medical device for various uses in the medical field