German Factory

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German Fabrik Engineering Office,Designieren,Installation,manufacture,

Performance, Commissioning, Quality Control,

With norm ISO 9001

Europe Standard 

Our engineering office is in Industry city Stuttgart in Germany

Our engineering office can supply you with every kind of factory and production line. just as we calculated, design, assembly,manufacture commissioning, until production. All our services are done by German engineers, technicians, and technical staff. All our control hardware and software, and factory parts such as motors, pumps, camera systems are from German manufacturers. With highest accuracy and quality. our company gives you 100% guarantee with the latest German technology.


Dip.Ing Gholamali Afshar  

Quality for factory manufacturing and production line with ISO 9001 and the latest technology from German industry vorgrade is a prerequisite for our companies, design,manufacture , calculation, programming, commissioning, production support,  first step in our company's work at the start.


Soft product quality

Reliability software, devices and arms, and motors

Soft assembling assembly plant mechanical system installation

Soft automatic system for testing

Soft security and reliability of electrical system assembly

Soft security system to inhibit laser radiation

Soft nanotechnology reliability Soft reliability

and measurement of solar radiation


Choosing the right factory or production line for you is a partnership with our company.

Made in Germany 

Our company's engineering office is located in the industrial city of Stuttgart, Germany

We manufacture all factory in Germany.



Our company's engineering office designs, calculates,manufacture and launches any type of factory or complete production lines for you. Installation and commissioning by experienced German engineers and specialists Our machines and factories are made of elements. Our factories have a long-term warranty. You will also be given after-sales service for a long time. The devices provided to you have the latest technique in the German industry. All the factories and devices that can be seen on our company's website are factories that have been installed and commissioned by our company in Germany and other countries. Our company as an executive engineer and supervisor in all stages from the beginning: planning, design, execution, Installation, commissioning, and production of goods and quality testing of your goods will accompany you. Our company will always accompany your company's production line personnel, technicians, and engineers Our company offers you all parts and software according to the European standard. For example, Siemens control, or mechanical motors or arms, AC modules, Omichter frequency, CCTV, quality control, pumps, up to small parts, similar to electronic eyes, all of German companies like: Bosch, Siemens, SV and, lens, sites, are of high quality. Our company guarantees you, the factory, and the single machines or the complete production line are all the latest, the technique of the German industry, and it has the highest and most accurate quality of work. That's why our company gives you long-term guarantees and long-term after-sales service Respectfully yours.

 Gholamali  Afshar

After sales service :

 Timely service of factory or production line Expand the product line for more production Tips for replacing parts and spare parts.


We give a long guarantee and very long spare parts delivery for every factory, system, production line, or individual machine.

Please write us in side contact your requirement, then we will contact you.


DIN  EN   ISo:        9001

our performance is standard with europe norm ISO 9001. 

All factory, system production line, and machine have European standard norm.

Automate any type of factory or production line

Programming and testing and fine-tuning the automation of the production line to launch 

Test and fine-tune any type of automatic line software. 

Testing and fine-tuning software written by different types of robots by company partners 

Planning, coding, precise production line and factory.