German Factory

Types of packaging machines in different shapes and sizes, such as liquids, sauces, foodstuffs, beans, biscuits, pasta, flour, tea or coffee sugar printed on glass or small and large plastic bottles, and plastic or paper Relevant classification. As well as food packaging in plastic similar to meat or sausages. Packaging of olive salad in different sizes, for example, 200,400,600 grams. All packages can be selected horizontally or vertically. Sauce packages can be selected from 10, 20, 30 grams and there is no border. Coffee and sugar packages start from 50 grams to larger packages of one kilogram or larger.

 Packaging of any dry or liquid foodstuff with any concentration, for example flour, sugar, macaroni, tea, coffee, or ............ any other foodstuff, like To all kinds of sauces or juices, or any type you want. In horizontal or vertical packages in any size and shape.

Powder packaging

One-person packaging, butter, cheese or milk

Packaging of any non-food production, for example wood, laminate, pipes Polica, or any type of product you want