German Factory

PVC all kinds of manufacturing machines For making flooring, water pipes, sewage, with different diameters, different thicknesses and different shapes.



With the latest PVC, PP control system, the most modern production devicesTypes of PVC machines To produce any kind of PVC plastic products Production of parquets, macaroons for kitchen floors, work rooms, living rooms and bedrooms, etc. Everywhere Production of tablecloths in any role and thickness Production with more thickness for outdoor use

With the latest PVC, PP control system, the most modern production devices.

Pipe production plant with different thicknesses for different uses

The most modern machines for producing knees, tees and so on

 Multilayer pipes 

All kinds of single machines and complete production line for the production of plastic products and all kinds of granules Extrudel Sheet Mashin for: PP. PS.PVC.PET. ABS.PIA.HIPS. EPS.HDPE

Pipe production line with different composition of PVC, casting components, concrete mix

Complete production line of polymer pipes with different thicknesses for different uses: For example: drip irrigation, water supply pipes, sewage pipes or industrial applications for the transfer of chemical liquids, power cable transfer, use of hot water transfer on the ground floor As heat transfer in the building instead of the boiler. 



For Hydraulik or Compressed air



Special hoses for air pressure transmission: from double pressure to pressure of five thousand times and more

Complete production line of disposable plastic bottles in any shape and size

Production line for the production of garbage in various sizes from 5 liters to 400 or more in various shapes and colors.

Canisters for transporting OIL or chemical production from one liter to 1000 liters or even larger upwards are no limits.

Large container for various uses, water, oil, or chemical components in various volumes.

Bicycle helmet from the front

Bicycle helmet from the side

Bicycle helmet from behind

Normal or standardized pallet

Euro pallet

Industrial box

Idustrial box in different sizes

Containers in various sizes and shapes for various uses in the kitchen and household.

PVC for Different uses.